The Foundation

The Mason Parrish Foundation

The Mason Parrish Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to honoring the life of Mason Henry Parrish, an exuberant, clever, creative and beautiful boy who passed away on August 24th, 2011 at age ten from a rare and incurable pediatric brain tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

The Foundation raises funds that will be used in three ways:

Scientific Research


The Mason Parrish Foundation will contribute funds toward DIPG scientific research, treatment and/or clinical trials.

Cartoon-Comics Incorporated

Cartoon-Comics Incorporated celebrates Mason’s passion for cartooning and comic book making through the creation of an after-school club where kids can be inspired to love that activity, like Mason did.

When Mason passed away, he left his family with dozens of notebooks filled with original characters, stories and drawings. At the end of each one, he’d write “Another Cartoon-Comics Incorporated” which was a make-believe company he pretended was publishing his work.


Future Activities: “MaceCars”

We will assist families whose children have lost mobility after being diagnosed with DIPG by providing them with a wheelchair accessible van.

Mason’s parents looked into renting a wheelchair accessible van after DIPG caused Mason to become paralyzed. Additionally, the medications caused him to gain weight, which made it dangerous for Mason’s dad to lift him in and out of the car. Once family and friends learned about the situation, people came together and paid for a van. Chris and Ilisa were humbled and grateful for the support. They were also amazed by how their day-to-day lives were transformed. Not only were they able to easily take Mason to clinic visits and radiation treatments, but they were also able to go out -- to dinner, museums, shopping, and to visit family. It sounds strange, but Mason’s quality of life was improved by a van. The Mason Parrish Foundation wants to provide this relief to other DIPG families so they can have one less thing to worry about while they enjoy whatever precious time they have left with their child.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide “MaceCars” to as many families as possible, but the reality is we will start slowly in Chicago and only commit to a “MaceCar” if we are certain we can support the family for the duration they would need it.